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Dear Mr Newbury,
I received the pencils first, when I saw the sender address, I thought, well that’s a smaller book than I expected, but it was just the pencils. As an artist , I appreciate quality supplies, so was pleased with your choice. When the book arrived, I was even more pleased, it’s a winner. It was a birthday gift for my Son. Although he is still Heavily employed, he will retire in a couple of years, and thought he would find these relaxing In whatever free time he has. He’s a Porsche owner of at least three , currently, a speedster, a 911, a Cayman. Happy new year!

Loves the Books!

Hi Alfred, Happy New Year. Feedback from my British mate - he likes the books 😉



Quality Level of a gift. So Cool!

Very happy, client loved the books and is getting enjoyment from it. You did great! Your books were a hit 🙂
I do have to tell you as a Realtor I have just started buying the Ferrari,Porsche and Lamborghini Coloring books for my clients as thank you presents with great effect. These books are very cool! Thank you

Liked The Books!

Excellent service, liked the books!

Thank you so much for the coloring book

Arrived in perfect condition, I am So excited to gift this to my husband who loves Porsche.

Thank you so much!

I love the book and really think my husband is going to love it. Thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a great holiday.

I absolutely love the coloring books!

I absolutely love the coloring books! The quality and the variety on each page are great, I love them so much! I also appreciate you and your company for going above and beyond from beginning to end of the purchase transaction! Thank you!

He will enjoy.

I got my order, thank you! It’s a gift for my husband’s birthday and haven’t given it to him yet, he loves all things Porsche so I think he will enjoy.
The order experience has been good and appreciated the email regarding the prism colors (we had them already) but nice that you asked.

Thank you

Debbie Toltzman

Product is really good.

Everything was great.
Product is really good.
Personal Connection is cute.

We love the coloring books

We love the coloring books - very happy with them!

He definitely appreciated the line drawings of those beautiful cars

My guy is a little unsure about the idea of coloring into these coloring books but he definitely appreciated the line drawings of those beautiful cars. I gave him both colored pencils and markers so now I just have to see what he does with it. But I know it is an awesome, unique gift!

Our friend is absolutely thrilled!

Good day, Alfred! Your book arrived in pristine condition on Thursday and we immediately forwarded it to our friend. Kudos to your illustrators and designers for such a beautiful volume!! Our friend is absolutely thrilled! In addition, his wife tutors a 6-year-old who is also a Porsche fan and will definitely enjoy coloring some of the pages as well. Again, many, many thanks!!! Stay well and safe!!

Selma & Joe

Frame for keepsakes

My father is a huge Porsche guy and turned me into one.
I'm hoping to have him color some cars that I can then frame for keepsakes.

Love them all!

Ferraris are her favorite

I've just purchased this coloring book for me and my 5-year-old daughter, Soren to work on together. Ferraris are her favorite.

After the purchase, I noticed you have a Porsche book as well. I'll need to purchase that one for my other daughter, Arden. She's the Porsche nut 🙂

Love it!

Love it! I gave it to my 6yo car nut (and Porsche fan).
He's been coloring ever since he got it!

This is customer service at its finest!

Hello Alfred,

Thank you for checking in. The coloring books are great, better than what I expected actually. I hope to share it with my daughter as she gets older; as well as my love for exotic racers.

Thank you again for checking. This is customer service at its finest!

Devin Spaulding

Love it

Very cool and unique book.
Love it. Thanks!

Thank you!! Alfred.

I gave it as a gift and the recipient was very happy.

Thank you!

They made great and amazing gifts!


All 4 of my recipients simply loved the coloring books!!

My husband, Bobby Rahal. Our son, Graham Rahal. A friend who is a world-renowned Porsche enthusiast, Dale Miller and my friend, Cindy O’Connor.

They made great and amazing gifts!

Thank you so much,
Johanna Rahal

My husband enjoys and loves it!

Hi Alfred!  

I received the new coloring book this weekend, and it was perfect!  I want to thank you for sending me a replacement of the “crushed” book!  I really appreciate how quick you responded!  I gave the book to my husband enjoys and loves it!  Once again, thanks for such a quick and positive response!

I really have enjoyed the coloring books

I really have enjoyed the coloring books.

The drawings are so nice Love the books, it's a great subject matter!

Keep up the good work!


I love the books

I love the books and look forward to the unveiling Christmas Day.

Did not want to take the chance to work on mine and have my husband see it!

While I am not a consistent FaceBook viewer or buyer, I am so happy that I saw your posts and that I purchased these books.

Thanks for checking in and perhaps if we have problems coloring within the lines, I will let you know!! 😂


Enthusiastically received!

The book was given as a gift, and was enthusiastically received.

I really love the books!

Yes! They arrived... Love these books

thank you for all your help...

I really love the books!

Thank you!! Alfred.

Thank you, Alfred.

I love the Porsche coloring books.

I bought one for myself, and one for my boyfriend.

Thank you for your coloring pencil recommendations they are perfect.

Thank you!!

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