Porsche 917: Elegant Fine Art Tribute

Porsche 917: Elegant Fine Art Tribute

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Product Specifications:

  • Subject: Iconic Sports Car
  • Artist: Alfred Newbury
  • Style: Photorealist Illustration
  • Dimensions: 13×19 inches (329mmx483mm)
  • Paper Weight: 260 g/m²
  • Paper Thickness: 19 mil
  • Material: Luxurious textured Matte Velvet Fine Art paper
  • Composition: 100% cotton fiber, acid-free base
  • Print Technique: High-resolution, wide color gamut printing
  • Edition: Hand-signed, limited edition of 100
  • Framing: Ideal for framing to showcase the print’s intricate details and rich colors
  • Care Instructions: Handle with care to preserve the print’s longevity and quality


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