1960 Porsche MOMO 356 RSR Outlaw by Emory Premium Coloring Page

1960 Porsche MOMO 356 RSR Outlaw by Emory Premium Coloring Page

Porsche 1960 Porsche MOMO 356 RSR Outlaw by Emory

Rod Emory makes some of the most insane modified Porsches out there.

The Emory Porsche MOMO 356 RSR Outlaw combines so much of what makes Porsche—and especially Emory—so unique. It maintains the basic “upside-down bathtub” look of a 356, but the car’s body has been stretched over a stiffer 964-generation chassis. The exterior is truly stunning, with sliding side windows, flared haunches with external fasteners, and a Kamm-like tail that leaves little of the powerplant to the imagination; the exposed, art gallery-worthy tailpipes harken back to FIA Group 5 racing. Of course, the 356 RSR Outlaw makes use of MOMO’s top-shelf parts. The overall inspiration for the build, MOMO center-lock five-spoke wheels, are on prominent display wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires and mounted to Porsche 935 race car hubs.

The car’s interior blends modern MOMO while maintaining a retro look. It features red MOMO racing seats with six-point MOMO safety harnesses, a MOMO-branded Tilton pedal assembly, and a classic MOMO Prototipo steering wheel framing period instruments. A beautiful retro-styled wooden knob tops the gear shifter assembly, a nod to Porsche’s golden age of racing. A potent twin-turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four is fueled by Rothsport fuel injection. The Garret turbos and big intercoolers allow for output that is a tick under 400 horsepower; the resulting five-to-one power-to-weight ratio is something that would certainly have impressed Ferry Porsche. Power is delivered rearward through a relatively modern G50 five-speed transaxle. Underneath, Eisenlohr Racing camber plates and Tarett Engineering anti-sway bars do their best to tame that grunt. This car’s myriad of details begs a second, a third, and a fourth glance, with each design element speaking to the breadth of Outlaw style. With this unique build for MOMO, Rod Emory successfully embodied a compelling what-if: What if Porsche had built a 356 RSR? It very well might have looked something like this.

Seeing one in person is pretty rare, and all of them sell for huge dollars. As it turns out, there was one for sale that recently sold for $858,000!

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Offering you “Porsche 1960 Porsche MOMO 356 RSR Outlaw by Emory” for only $12.95, this premium-grade print to color, measures 13×19, and is available in canvas, watercolor paper, matte, and fine art paper.

​This exceptional print is ideal for framing when you are done coloring it in.



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If your heart skips a beat every time you see a Porsche 911 or a Lamborghini Aventador, you will love spending hours absorbed in our adult stunning coloring books.

Inspired By The True Automotive Icons

If your heart skips a beat every time you see a Porsche 911 or a Lamborghini Aventador, you will love spending hours absorbed in our adult stunning coloring books.

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