Hello, my name is Alfred Newbury, and I’m a Porsche enthusiast just like you.

The Porsche IQ test will go through some of Porsche’s major achievements and will have ten questions in all.

How does it work?  Each day you will receive a Porsche question that is enlightening and moderately difficult that will take you on a journey of discovery or depending on your level of knowledge re-discovery.

If you are an engaging person you might opt to email me your answers, or you may opt to wait until the end of the quiz to receive the answers and see how well you did.  In either case it’s up to you.

I designed this quiz to allow you to slow down, and take in a side of Porsche’s rich history and everything it entails. 

To make it more interesting and educational for you, I am going to send you short stories along that will cover the epic battles Porsche faced, and naturally cover the iconic cars Porsche created over the years, including the 956, 904, Carrera 6, 962, ’73 911 RSR 2.8, The Flounder or “Flunder” in german etc.

Who should play?

Serious Porsche enthusiasts and collectors that are not in a hurry, that simply want to enjoy quality material about their favorite topic…Porsche

So, without further delay, let’s get started and have some fun!


—Alfred Newbury

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